Welcome to The One Mile Bakery

The One Mile Bakery delivers handmade bread, soups and preserves within a one-mile radius of its kitchen in Cardiff.  Everything is made using seasonal produce and traditionally milled organic flour, and delivered to local addresses in Pontcanna, Llandaff and Canton by bike in convenient one-hour slots. We also run fun, inspirational baking classes on all aspects on bread-making and have taught more than 1500 people to bake since launching in 2012.


GIFT VOUCHERS: If you have received a gift voucher, have a look at the Classes page for details of the different classes we run and the dates available, then email us at info@onemilebakery.com to book your preferred date. If you have a voucher for a specific class (e.g. French Baking) and would prefer to do another class, you are free to switch between the full-day classes.